Custom component to display clickable images

Hi! I didn’t find a way to do this with existing components so I created a simple component to display images and receive the index of the last image that was clicked on.


A more advanced example can be seen live here.


pip install st-clickable-images


import streamlit as st
from st_clickable_images import clickable_images

clicked = clickable_images(
    titles=[f"Image #{str(i)}" for i in range(5)],
    div_style={"display": "flex", "justify-content": "center", "flex-wrap": "wrap"},
    img_style={"margin": "5px", "height": "200px"},

st.markdown(f"Image #{clicked} clicked" if clicked > -1 else "No image clicked")


clickable_images(paths,titles=[], div_style={}, img_style={}, key=None)

Displays one or several images and returns the index of the last image clicked on (or -1 before any click)


  • paths (list): the list of URLS of the images
  • titles (list): the (optional) titles of the images
  • div_style (dict): a dictionary with the CSS property/value pairs for the div container
  • img_style (dict): a dictionary with the CSS property/value pairs for the images
  • key (str or None): an optional key that uniquely identifies this component. If this is None, and the component’s arguments are changed, the component will be re-mounted in the Streamlit frontend and lose its current state

Awesome job @vivien! I know a lot of people have asked for this sort of functionality!

If you haven’t already, please add this to the Streamlit Components - Community Tracker so that others will be able to discover this easier :slight_smile:



Done! Thanks Randy

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Hi @vivien I tried your component, but it doesn’t load the images for me. I just get the “No Image Clicked” text, but clickable_images() function isn’t doing anything for me. Perhaps a package versioning issue? Can you tell if there are any minimum package requirements?

Upon further debugging, I found that paths argument is a list of urls and can’t be a list of local paths of the images currently. :+1:

Hi @therochvoices. You can provide URLs but, if your images are local files, you can also open these files, encode the images in base64, and provide “data:image/jpeg;base64,[XXX]” as paths (where [XXX] is replaced by the base64-encoded images)

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Hello @vivien

This is a very cool component! Much needed!
Is there a way currently to show the title of the image above the image as well? (Currently the title shows while hovering the mouse over the image?). Thank you!

Hi @MLbyML. Thanks. I’m afraid this isn’t possible with the component as it is now (but it shouldn’t be too complicated to do it if you want to give it a try: the javascript code to display and style the images is pretty short).

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@vivien thanks so much for sharing this, a fabulous widget which came in very handy for me today - using it to select an image when then calls an Azure image analysis service to return a description plus lists of categories, tags, landmarks, people, and brands. Love it!

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@LostGoatOnHill Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like a cool app!

@vivien you helped make this possible :slight_smile:

FYI, I created another component which is a generalization of this one: st-click-detector. It works not only on images but also on all HTML links.