CyberOops tracks and analyze the impact of cybersecurity-related SEC filings on stock prices


This is a work in progress app focuses on providing information on cybersecurity SEC 8-K and 10-K filings, crucial for understanding how these filings may influence stock prices, especially in light of the recent SEC regulation announced back in 2023.

Key Features:

  • Stock Price and Filings Graph: Visualize stock price trends with markers for SEC 8-K & 10-K filings. Cybersecurity filings are highlighted in red.
  • Bookmarking Feature: You can bookmark stock tickers to track and analyze the price trends alongside cybersecurity and other filings over time.
  • In-App SEC Filing Access: Direct access to detailed information of SEC filings within the app, enhancing convenience to read filings
  • Latest Cybersecurity Filings Table: Stay informed with a regularly updated table of the latest cybersecurity filings, regardless of bookmarked stocks.
  • Under the hood: Utilizes data from the SEC and Yahoo Finance, with NLP technology to identify and categorize cybersecurity-related filings.

Any and all feedback welcomed!

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