Data apps regarding COVID-19

Hi Community,

As the coronavirus situation evolves, we at Streamlit have been reading and consuming a lot of data, and we wanted to share a few of the helpful data apps we’ve seen the community put forward.

Resources [we’ll edit this list as more are shared in this topic or found online]:

If you have any resources you’d like to share that could be helpful or beneficial to your local communities or others, please feel free to share them in this topic.

We deeply hope this virus will not affect you or your loved ones. Please stay safe! :heart:


This one is also great! It’s getting quite a bit of attention in Spain!



Made this to visualize Stringency (government intervention) data from

Stay Safe!


Not made with streamlit but very relevant

@tc1 would be great if streamlit apps could be turned into blogs like this with a simple github workflow?

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Hi, I have made a little COVID19 tool for Germany.
Feel free to fork, contribute and reuse. The code and data is on GitHub.


Hi there. I made a tool to read up on news around the world for COVID 19.
Used a lot of custom HTML along with a lot of workarounds.

Blog for implementation:
Let me know what you think.


Hi guys,

My first time trying Streamlit:


Nice HTML hacks and cool ideas! If I had to say one thing it would be that the most positive news stories generally could not really be characterized as very positive haha, so I am not sure whether I would implement it like that. But very cool app!


This one I made with streamlit:

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Hey all,

Thanks for sharing all of the information, here are a few additional data apps I came across. Tried to cross reference already shared apps to make sure I’m not duplicating anything, but apologies if any of these have already been shared.

@robmarkcole, thanks for sharing, hadn’t seen this before but will take a look this weekend.

Hope everyone is staying safe :heart: and feel free to continue sharing any helpful resources you find [even if they aren’t Streamlit apps].


I need to think a little more on that. :slight_smile:

It’s similar to other but this is what i made:
covid-19 in Italy with animation

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Here is mine: My first app. 7 days in the making. It provides forecast for country and US state using death number. Main purpose is to predict how many ICU and hospital beds needed for a local community. Using data from JHU. Users can change all the parameters in the model if they know more information.


Hi guys,

I’ve built a tool for predicting the evolution of the pandemic in any given country.

You can predict using official data as well as applying a notification percentage to it.

COVID19 Predictions around the world [Creator: Vítor Patalano]

thanks for all streamlit is great.



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Here is my Thailand: COVID-19 insights compared to global statistics:):laughing:.

Thanks to Streamlit making things easy to develop and manage.


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I do not know why I can not edit my previous post. Hence a new one instead. I have added https Covid19 Prognosis and improved the forecasting model. I think it does not have the underpredicting problem of the IHME model. Also added new section on modeling and medical stuff.

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I built this COVID-19 Tracker to visualize the latest case numbers around the globe and in the US. I will continue to iterate on this app as I learn the ins and outs of Streamlit.

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Here are a few more we came across:

Hope everyone is doing well :heart:

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