Yet another Covid-19 Dashboard

I’m probably too late to post this, but better late than never. This here is my take on the Covid-19 data. I had it constantly updated, parallelly leveled, with Streamlit’s newest features as well as my growing knowledge. I recently came across a dataset with all the pre-conditions recorded for over 600k patients, So, I used it to make a page within the dashboard called “Pre-Condition based Prognosis” (still brainstorming to make it even better). Thanks for the unsafe_allow_html=True parameter, customizability was as intended. And yet another day of me being thankful for Streamlit’s existence. Cheers!.

Application - click-here

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Hey @R0han :wave:

Your app is wonderful! I love all the work you have put into the layout! it makes it very readable and lovely to work with!

Keep up the amazing apps! :star_struck:

Happy Streamlit-ing!

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Nice job @R0han

As someone who also likes my apps to look good, I appreciate the time you’ve spent on the layout and styling.


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