Data Saving across multiple sessions at the same time

Here is the link to my app where I am havnig this issue:

The problem is no matter which teams you simulate against each other, if you download the play by play data, it is always the same players from teams you probably did not use. It should be different each time. When I run it on my computer the csv is the same as someone else no matter where they are or what teams they use. I would like it to be unique to each simulation and I don’t know how this is even really possible…

Any help is appriciated!!

I believe it is also always simulating those same two teams over and over again no matter what the user input is. even though this is not how to code is structured. It has the same problem when I run it locally as well. Basically just trying to reset each time I run it

it only changes if i reboot it, but then i have to reboot it again to reset.