Streamlit Session being shared with multiple users

So I am making a Stream lit web application with python. Here is the link to the app:

I have already deployed the app but have come across a strange problem. When I booted the app it worked great, running simulations for the two teams that I put into it. But after I do this first run, I put two other teams into it. But the simulation yields the same results from the first two teams. I know this because if i try the download play by polay button, it is always the same players from the first simulation. Very weird problem I did not forsee. Even when run on another persons computer, it still yields the same results as it did for that first test I ran on my computer.

I would really like it to re run everything when you enter two different teams and hit go again. Which I thought happens by default.

Here is a link to the github repo where the code is located: GitHub - Jensen-holm/MLB-Simapp: Monte Carlo Baseball Simulator Stream-lit Web Application