Datetime Format with date_input

Hi all,

since recently I started playing with streamlit and I love it! I have already developed 3 smaller apps and there is more to come :slight_smile:

Currently I am struggling with “st.date_input” in terms of datetime format options. I searched already everywhere but unfortunately I cannot find any solution how to use display format options.

Right now it always shown as YY/MM/DD format

However I want to display DD/MM/YYYY format.

I already played with strptime to adjust the datetime options - however it changes the output to a string and st.date_input only accepts datetime objects so it does not help.

I’ve seen for st.slider there is a “format” option available which seem to be missing for date_input unfortunately… Are there any workarounds or any plans to add the format option anytime soon?

Many thanks in advance! :slight_smile: