Deleted repo but app still present would like to delete, how to?

the URL is
The repo for this test deployment was deleted but I am unable to remove it from my streamlit dashboard as an active deployment.

Does this happen automatically if the repo is deleted?


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Hi @mo1337,

It’s possible there might be a slight delay between when the item is deleted and when it stops appearing on your dashboard. Could you please check now and see if it has disappeared?

Thank you,

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Hello Charly,
It looks like it is still showing on the dashboard.

I essentially deleted the repo on github that it was connected to first, and then I attempted to delete it on streamlit but it seems to be still showing. It doesn’t seem to delete automatically if it is not connected to an existing github repo anymore.

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That’s an unusual one. @Alexandru_Toader have you seen this before?

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HI! If you delete the repository, the application will still say on Community Cloud, but you won’t be able to manage it. Do you want me to delete it for you?

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Hi Alexander, yes please delete it. Also what is the correct protocol for deleting apps. Does the app need to be deleted on streamlit dashboard first?


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Hi! I’ve deleted the application.

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Hi @Alexandru_Toader,

I believe the same thing has occurred with Can this also be deleted?


@mo1337 I deleted the app

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Thanks @Alexandru_Toader! :pray:

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Hello @Alexandru_Toader, I have the same application at URL: I’ve already deleted the repository connected to it, can you delete that application for me?

You can recreate the repo, delete the application, then delete the repo again.

I tried that, but it’s not working, after refresh the dashboard webpage, the application’s still there

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