I couldn't delete my project since delete is passive

I couldn’t delete my project, because “delete” is passive.

How can I delete it?

Additionally, I am living with another deletion problem. On some of my projects there are “https --”. The delete option is passive. How can I delete them?

Hi @ismet

Could you check if the original GitHub repo that was used to deploy the app still present in your GitHub account and also with the same repo name that was used when the app was deployed?

This usually occurs when the original GitHub repo does not exist. What you can do is rename the GitHub repo name back to its original name.

Dear @dataprofessor I checked it, but as you know we can not see the details when these buttons are passive. I want to delete and renew these deployments, but I can not.

If you renamed your account, repository, or branch since they were deployed, you might be able to delete them yourself if you change the names back. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through customer support.

If you haven’t renamed anything, then double check how you logged in and that your source control identity is authenticated (GitHub) and not just your primary identity (email). If you are not logged into both, a triangular “!” icon appears in the upper right corner next to Settings. If you click on settings, it will tell which accounts you are logged into.

The coordinates of the app are visible in your dashboard. The upper right tells you the workspace (GitHub account or organization) and the label of the app in your admin panel shows the repo, branch, and file name. The ones that show the “https…” are likely a renaming issue, I’d suspect. It can’t find a repo called “price-optimisation-streamlit-deployment” under account “ismetgocer1” anymore.

To contact customer support and request your apps be manually deleted for you, you’ll need to make a Snowflake Community account then submit a support case there.