DemoGPT: Automated 🦜️🔗 LangChain Code

Hey folks! :wave:

I’m excited to share something that could significantly enhance your prototyping journey - meet DemoGPT! :rocket: It’s an innovative tool that lets you convert your ideas into demos quickly just using just prompts via Large Language Models (LLMs).

What makes DemoGPT even more special is that it is top on LangChain. Leveraging LangChain’s documentation tree with a ToT approach, it generates application code, allowing a smooth transition from idea to demo to app code.

Whether you’re a seasoned coder or just starting out, DemoGPT is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Plus, it’s open source - so it’s continuously growing and improving with inputs from the community.

Keen to take it for a spin? Check out DemoGPT here:

If you put a :star: to the GitHub repo, I will be so happy

You can also try it here

Can’t wait to see what fantastic things you’ll create with DemoGPT. Let’s turn those ideas into reality! :tada:


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I’m waiting for your feedback for the Github repo since it is under development and we welcome all contributors.:pray:t2:

@melih-unsal your idea is fantastic !! :star_struck:

Have you considered not using the openai API to make the project more accessible?

if u want we can work togheter to develop a free plugin based on your idea for this another project : GitHub - IntelligenzaArtificiale/hugchat-with-plugin-Free-personal-AI-Assistant: Would you like to use GPT4 with Plugins but don't want to pay $20/month? This is the solution! With this repository you can have free clone of ChatGPT with plugin

Thank you man!
I’ve checked your project and it looks great to see free plugins creation! :blush:
I think, there are good matching points between DemoGPT and your project. We will need some plugins for the further steps and you may also append this kind of tool. Currently, I’m the only developer in DemoGPT and trying to meet all the requirements for DemoGPT and trying to find contributors.
In the near future we can work together. Good luck man!

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