Deploy app with github

Hello! I created repository on GitHub and i’m trying to deploy app, but have a large log file with errors like “ERROR: Failed building wheel for fbprophet” and something else. Requirements.txt available in the repository. How can i solve this problem? Thanks.

Hi @S3EK, welcome to the Streamlit community!

What does the entire error message say? Usually before telling you it can’t build a wheel, it will tell you what is missing.


Thanks for the feedback. Would it be comfortable for you if I send log file?

Please just post the contents of it here, so others can potentially suggest the solution as well.

Of course

(You don’t need to do it now, but in general, please post as text rather than pictures so that people can highlight the text)

The error message here shows Cython>=0.22 and NumPy are required. Do you have both of those in your requirements file?

I’m sorry, in the future i will put text.
After update requirements, in requirements.txt, i have a list of requirements

  • streamlit==1.2.0
  • pystan==
  • matplotlib==3.4.3
  • numpy==1.21.4
  • pandas==1.3.4
  • plotly==5.3.1
  • requests==2.26.0
  • stockstats==0.4.1
  • fbprophet==0.7.1
  • yfinance==0.1.66
  • cython>=0.22
    But now, i have the same errors