Deploy streamlit

Please help me, what should I do? I have deployed streamlit, no one will ever fall asleep

I want it to stay awake all the time, is there any solution because when I deploy it, it goes to sleep after 7 days, please guide me

Hi @Abdollah_Chelasi ,

Streamlit apps deployed on Streamlit Community Cloud without traffic for 7 consecutive days will automatically go to sleep.

If you want to keep your app awake, you must either visit the app, push a commit to the repo, or find another deployment option (not Streamlit Community Cloud).

Posting here below some resources on other deployment options, in case you find them useful:

I want to deploy in Streamlit, which has good seo
But if I deploy it on other sites, it will not be seen in Google search
Please tell me what to do in Streamlite, is there a robot that I should write and put in Github so that the website will always run so that it does not go to sleep?
Or guide if there is a better way

Stream Liteโ€™s problem of falling asleep will be fixed ?

Hey again @Abdollah_Chelasi,

In theory your app will be kept awake by any traffic that opens a websocket connection. I donโ€™t know if this is the case for robots. An alternative that should work is to schedule a commit to your repo every 7 days.

Regarding stlite, it is a community library, so you have to ask the developers working on it. Here is a link to their GitHub repo.

I live in Iran, how can I do this? Please show me a source of training for not falling asleep.
If he wants to pay for this, to solve the problem of not going to sleep, so that Stream Lite doesnโ€™t go to sleep at all.