Deploy streamlit

Please help me, what should I do? I have deployed streamlit, no one will ever fall asleep

I want it to stay awake all the time, is there any solution because when I deploy it, it goes to sleep after 7 days, please guide me

Hi @Abdollah_Chelasi ,

Streamlit apps deployed on Streamlit Community Cloud without traffic for 7 consecutive days will automatically go to sleep.

If you want to keep your app awake, you must either visit the app, push a commit to the repo, or find another deployment option (not Streamlit Community Cloud).

Posting here below some resources on other deployment options, in case you find them useful:

I want to deploy in Streamlit, which has good seo
But if I deploy it on other sites, it will not be seen in Google search
Please tell me what to do in Streamlite, is there a robot that I should write and put in Github so that the website will always run so that it does not go to sleep?
Or guide if there is a better way

Stream Lite’s problem of falling asleep will be fixed ?

Hey again @Abdollah_Chelasi,

In theory your app will be kept awake by any traffic that opens a websocket connection. I don’t know if this is the case for robots. An alternative that should work is to schedule a commit to your repo every 7 days.

Regarding stlite, it is a community library, so you have to ask the developers working on it. Here is a link to their GitHub repo.

I live in Iran, how can I do this? Please show me a source of training for not falling asleep.
If he wants to pay for this, to solve the problem of not going to sleep, so that Stream Lite doesn’t go to sleep at all.

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