Deploying on Google Cloud App Engine

Hello everyone,
I am trying to deploy a streamlit app on Google Cloud App Engine. Basically, the application requires to access some files which I have stored in a bucket. However, as I run the application a “File Not Found Error” is raised.

Accessing the file on my local machine is possible as shown in the image above however when I try to access the file stored on the bucket the error occurs as shown in the image.
Interestingly, if I copy the path to the file on the browser I can access it. Try here:

The sample code for the trial app is here:
import streamlit as st
import os
import json

def output(path):
	file = open(path,"r")
	lines= file.readlines()

	for line in lines:

st.header("Using Local Directory")
#Using the local directory

st.header("Using Google Cloud App Engine Platform")
url = ""

MODEL_DIR = os.path.join(url, "ProjectTwo")

#Using Google Cloud App Engine - Fails


Kindly help. (I am a beginner :slightly_smiling_face: at deploying on the GCP App Engine)