Deployment wont running

hello everyone, I got an error when deploying to streamlit

Github : GitHub - MacroMachiinee/Prediksi-Diabetes-Deep-Neural-Network
Streamlit :

I need help

Hello @Muhammad_Rizky :wave:

It’s possible that the problem is linked to the requirements.txt file. Could you try unpinning each library’s version?

Additionally, although it is not likely linked to your issue, I recommend upgrading to Streamlit version 1.28. The version you’re currently using, Streamlit 0.70.0, is significantly out of date.


okay, let me try first

still error and i already change ne requirement txt

Thannks @Muhammad_Rizky.

Is your app working in a local environment?

As I said, the issues might stem from specific pinned versions. Have you considered unpinning the versions of each library, as initially recommended?

Thank you,

Ohh see, ill try to run in local first because I haven’t tried running it locally

thanks you, ill try it first

Sure thing, let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:

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