Issues deploying streamlit app!

Hello! My app will open perfectly on my Mac, but as soon as I deploy to cloud I get this error (which is slightly unhelpful :wink:

The link to the GitHub is here: Omics_TD1.0/ at main 路 helloftroy/Omics_TD1.0 路 GitHub

Do you have any suggestions for what I can do?

Hi @Helen_Park,

I took a peek at your repo and I think the requirements.txt might be the culprit. It seems you have auto-created the requirements file and it has 374 specific package dependencies!

This is likely the cause of your error, I would suggest editing your requirements to have only the packages you import and use in your app.

Happy Streamlit-ing!


Ahhh - thank you! I鈥檓 new to this, if it is not clear. I have it working (knock on wood) now! Thank you for the very quick reply and help :slight_smile:


No problem! So glad I could help!

Happy Streamlit-ing

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