Developing Completely Online?

I came across this guide which used visual studio online, but it seems like VSOnline may have converted to GithubCodespaces which is still in beta. I also came across Code Anywhere but I haven’t signed up for the trial to test if it works or not.

I am trying to find a solution that could be used by structural engineering students that are not very computer literate and who may have difficulties setting up a local environment for use. Their current solution is LabVIEW which is a graphical language. I think Streamlit would be a lot better and easier if there was an online solution that could be used without additional setup.

Per suggestion from @kmcgrady I will be looking at what can be accomplished through streamlit snippet or similar.

Btw, why don’t you use Google Colab?

I have used Colab previously and it just gets a little annoying to have to continuously rerun, or maybe even reset and rerun.

I have at least seen the equipment that I have to work with now, which may make it a little easier to test/determine what all is required.

You can edit on the fly in Colab, just double click the app file in the files window, and will appear the column at the right where you can edit the code (just take care to save that code when you finish):