Development in Community Cloud/Codespace, no secrets file

I don’t have a local dev environment, relying completely on codespace + streamlit integration. I’ve poured through the docs looking for this answer and can’t find one.

When I launch a new codespace from the Streamlit dashboard, there is no secrets file. If I create one in the project directory in Community Cloud, all works great. But as soon as I delete that codespace, I lose the secrets file. I’m on a Mac and tried adding ~/.streamlit/secrets.toml, but of course it doesn’t see it because its running a VM.

Shouldn’t the codespace be reading my secrets from the streamlit cloud even when editing via codespace? If not, then how is this done? As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been through all of the Secrets management docs and don’t find an answer. Thank you for your help!

Does anyone know the answer to this?

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