Devs: would it be possible to share your current work topics?

Avid streamlit user here… :wave:

I love the package and try to use it in all my DS/ML projects… After also testing flask+dash/ (to some extend also panel) I very much like the ease of use and appearance of streamlit the most! :heart:

However, there are quite a few road blocks that prevent me from using it for good in my “serious” apps:

  • layout options (grid layout and also size of fonts and elements)
  • custom styling to match corporate branding
  • interactivity options of plots (canvas select etc.)

I found some hacks (esp. using the html=True option to inject some styling)…

Now, I know this is a new project and my post is only with the best intentions, but I’d need to know if these features are on the imminent roadmap (say 3-6 months) or if I should switch to dash for bigger dashboards for the moment and come back in a year if this is more mature/ full-fledged?

Would hate to do that since I really fell in love with streamlit way of cracking out beautiful apps in an instance…

Cheers guys!


Hey @cwerner

Thanks for the kind words!

We’re actually planning on releasing our roadmap for external consumption very soon – likely in a matter of weeks.

And the idea is to open follow up by sharing our initial docs for how we’re planning on implementing all the different things you’re talking about and more. That way we can gather input from the community before moving forward.

So stay tuned!

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Also, a mea culpa of sorts: since we released Streamlit just over 4 months ago the adoption and community growth surpassed even our wildest dreams! So we’ve had to scramble to produce all the things a healthy community desperately needs (like this very forum, a public roadmap, etc) while still keeping the ball rolling on feature development. Please bear with us :wink:


Take it as a compliment that you produced such an awesome tool people cannot wait to see evolve more :smirk:

Thanks for the update and looking forward to the roadmap :+1:

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My colleagues and me would like to get the corporate design feature too.
The actual plan would be a plugin, some custom functions or something like st.markdown('<style>' + open('main.css').read() + '</style>', unsafe_allow_html=True)

A quick idea: there is already the static/static/css/ folder. With a quick test for a corporate.${company_name_placeholder}.css or some other indication method it could be possible to add (a folder within) corporate design css’s to overwrite the defaults. -> Without having to rely on unsafe_allow_html=True

Please provide us with the necessary information on how the corporate design feature should be implemented in the streamlit way. If you did not start developing already: Point me/us to the desired place where you would like to have it. Also I would love to open a pull request in the (near) future.

Greetings from Germany


Hi @ichbestimmtnicht,

We have a few feature requests in the hopper regarding customization. I know we’ve talked about allowing for custom CSSes, but I don’t think it’s ever been filed as its own feature request, so I created it for you here.

This month we have been doing a lot of infrastructural improvements to Streamlit. I’m not sure if we’re prioritizing customization next month, but I personally think it should be a strong contender. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion!

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