Discord + Discourse Integration

So I just saw a topic created that had a Discord link at the top. After I replied, I immediately went over to Discord to see if I could find it and if it would post replies back to Discord. I couldn’t fine the post search by title or text contents, so not sure if there is a hidden channel or if it is something else entirely. Is this a new thing that will be announced soon?

The Discord link appears associated to the post not the user. And I didn’t see anything obvious in user preferences that would explain it. But now I’m curious.


Hey @mathcatsand, not sure why there’s a Discord link on that post. It seems to link to the server in general rather than a specific post. I’ve removed the link from the post.

I think I found the explanation on Discourse’s own forum: If you paste a link into a topic title, you get that style of link rendered. I haven’t tried it though, since I don’t want to spam.

But still, a bot to sync between the forum and Discord (forum channels-just topics created on Discord) would be nice since the forum has a much larger following… Maybe a bit overkill, though. :grin:


That would indeed be awesome! It would solve the archival and historical record issue with Discord. One of the many +ves of the forum is that it is publicly indexed and searchable for years to come. Having some form of syncing with Discord that isn’t spammy would be nice to have.

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