Do apps time out after a while?


I’ve noticed that on a browser my app seems to stay alive longer than on an iphone (safari). After a point the app on the mobile becomes unresponsive. Is that to be expected. I see a lot of libraries failing in the console output of the iphone.

Expected behavior:

I thought I could come back to an app and at least use things like buttons.


Hey @shawngiese,

Can you share the link to your app?

hi @caroline, the app is

I did turn off the following and that seems to reduce some of the errors I am seeing.

gatherUsageStats = false

My idea was to come back to a conversation later… which appears to work fine on desktop computers. For my iPhone tests the app becomes unresponsive. Even the button with the javascript to reload the page is not working.

Streamlit will indeed drop a session if a user disconnects from it (either themselves or their browser/computer/network connection on their behalf). On a desktop, that’s usually closing the tab/browser, but I know my cell phone definitely doesn’t maintain active connection to webpages when I move away from my browser app. I’m not sure about freezing up though, as opposed to just reloading the page and starting over when you return…

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