Documentation nav bar - whats the source

hi, Im trying to understand if the nav bar in is described as a style somewehere? I really enjoy hiw it looks and woudl love to replicate with a similar thing, is that a custom component? Id love my nav to look like that but I cannot find the source code - sorry if redundant.

Hi @mj907,

Thanks for sharing this question!

Is this what you’re referring to?

  1. Streamlit Navbar

  2. Hydralit Navbar - Custom Streamlit Component Responsive Navbar

If yes, these are custom components built by our community members.

hi @tonykip
kind of, Im thinking about these

super simple, but I cannot find them in any galleries? sorry I liek the ones you posted, butt hats a horizontal top bar, Im just trying to also understand where I can find more snippets and examples, it seems theres a lot of community githubs, which are super nice, but hard to navigate for the first time user

Ah, I see. Let me tag @Debbie_Groff who might have answer for you.

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There is an antd component navigation/menu that you might like.

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thank you, that also looks really good, I will use it!