Easy Inventory Planner an Unsupervised Learning Model

Thank you streamlit to provide such an opportunity.
I was thinking of how I could turn the idea into a product.
It is an unsupervised learning model labeling products as:

Predictable Sales
New Products
Unpredictable Sales
Decreasing Sales

And model also prdedicst sales speed for each products in these categories. Then calculates stock cover days. [https://easy-inventory-planner.ew.r.appspot.com/]
Thanks to streamlit . I have finished scripting in days.



Unfortunately, I get an error when I click on your app link

hello randy,
probably it was a temporary error.

now it looks good.

I got the same error the first time I loaded it. The second time it loaded fine. As I do not have any relevant data at hand it is difficult to get an idea of the app. Maybe it is an idea to load some sample data so that the user can see what the app does?


I recorded a youtube video telling how to upload relevant data to the system: