Ecosystem Simulation WebApp

Ecosystem Simulation WebApp

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Github repo GitHub - torhadas1/streamlit-ecosystem-simulation

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Username : admin
Password : 1234


This interactive web application, developed using Streamlit, provides a unique educational experience through ecosystem simulations. It includes three distinct simulations, each depicting various species and ecosystems. Users engage with the app by matching animals and plants to their appropriate ecosystems, enhancing their understanding of ecological relationships.


  • Interactive Simulations: Three simulations featuring different ecosystems and species.
  • Dynamic User Interface: Each simulation presents a sidebar with animal and plant cards, a main screen divided into ecosystem parts, and a column displaying selected species and ecosystem characteristics.
  • Custom Styling and Interactive Elements: Custom styles for Streamlit components and interactive elements like buttons and sidebars.
  • Authentication System: Secure login functionality with password hashing for user access, utilizing the config.yaml file for configuration management.
  • Educational and Engaging: Designed to teach ecological principles in an engaging manner.
  • Error Handling and Feedback: Mechanisms for handling errors and providing user feedback.

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