Error Installing Dependencies in Streamlit - Help Please


I am building an app, and despite following all the correct guidelines in the requirements.txt file and importing to the app, streamlit still records errors as it cannot find the modules.

This is the link to my app:

This is my requirements.txt file (there are 2 different versions of streamlit-mic-recorder as I am just checking if one of them is wrong for debugging):
screenshot q

This is my code import statements:

These are the errors I keep getting:

For reference, this is the streamlit-mic-recorder library that I am using:

Please let me know if you guys have any fixes

Hi @Joti_Gokaraju

The library name seems to be streamlit-mic-recorder according to streamlit-mic-recorder · PyPI thus you can use this in the requirements.txt file. After making the changes, can you try to reboot the app to see if it helps.

Hello @dataprofessor !

I just tried that and put streamlit-mic-recorder in the requirements.txt file, but it returns the same error. It cannot find the library streamlit_mic_recorder in the file where I import it.

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Terribly sorry… it just worked thanks so much!

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Hi @Joti_Gokaraju

Glad to hear that it worked!

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