(Error installing requirements)

good day everyone

I have an the error : " Error installing requirements."

here the repo : GitHub - RoughTiime/clustertimee

does anyone have the way out of this problem? thx

Hi @RoughTiime,

It looks like there are a lot more packages in your requirements file than you’re actually using in your app – I’d recommend going through your Python file and narrowing down which packages are actually being used and then editing your requirements file to only include those packages. I’d also recommend changing the name of the file to requirements.txt (rather than Requirements.txt – I’m not 100% sure if it’s case-sensitive but that might factor in).

thank you Caroline for the response, it works now, but the modal i use strecth abnormally, do you have any solution on this?

its supposed to be like this when i run it on local server

have u deployed to streamlit.app? @RoughTiime

hey laciferin, yes i already deploy it, here is the link: https://clustertimee.streamlit.app/
but now i run and check again in local server its stretchy too, is it because i updated the streamlit version?

Well the issue as i see it is with styling model.container().

the file uploader typically take up the entire width if not custom styled.!!

i see, so i have to style model.container() using css? how to write the css file and implement it in the main script? i tried using css for styling other thing but its not working, i guess i did it wrong. do you mind show me how ?

Checkout: Streamlit popup window - streamlit_modal