(Error installing requirements)

good day everyone

I have an the error : " Error installing requirements."

here the repo : GitHub - RoughTiime/clustertimee

does anyone have the way out of this problem? thx

Hi @RoughTiime,

It looks like there are a lot more packages in your requirements file than youโ€™re actually using in your app โ€“ Iโ€™d recommend going through your Python file and narrowing down which packages are actually being used and then editing your requirements file to only include those packages. Iโ€™d also recommend changing the name of the file to requirements.txt (rather than Requirements.txt โ€“ Iโ€™m not 100% sure if itโ€™s case-sensitive but that might factor in).

thank you Caroline for the response, it works now, but the modal i use strecth abnormally, do you have any solution on this?

its supposed to be like this when i run it on local server

have u deployed to streamlit.app? @RoughTiime

hey laciferin, yes i already deploy it, here is the link: https://clustertimee.streamlit.app/
but now i run and check again in local server its stretchy too, is it because i updated the streamlit version?

Well the issue as i see it is with styling model.container().

the file uploader typically take up the entire width if not custom styled.!!

i see, so i have to style model.container() using css? how to write the css file and implement it in the main script? i tried using css for styling other thing but its not working, i guess i did it wrong. do you mind show me how ?

Checkout: Streamlit popup window - streamlit_modal

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