Error Message

Hi, I am facing this issue while executing the syntax for my app on streamlit. May I know what’s the issue behind this message? Thanks. Please do reply to this message ASAP! as the deadline is coming soon…

Hi @jiffred_teh, welcome to the Streamlit community!

In general, you’ll get much better suggestions if you post a link to your code repo or paste a code snippet here that demonstrates your issue. Without that, it’s pretty difficult to make suggestions on what to fix.


Hi @randyzwitch , this is the code snippet of my program. The issue occurs when I try to clear the elements within the column 1 and 2 that reside in the cont2, and call another function. Can you have a look on my codes to pinpoint the problems that I have? Thanks.

To be specific, I just want to clear the elements within the cont2 when the “if” condition is triggered. However, the bad message format pops up when I try to do it. Can you suggest any solution to resolve such issue? Thanks. @randyzwitch