Error with the requirement.txt, even though I had already deploy the app with the same requirement.txt

Hello everyone,

Two days ago, I did some changes on my .ipynb file but it ended up affecting my deployed app on streamlit share. It says there is an issue with the requirements.txt file but I have not changed anything on that file(or the .py with streamlit). I am a bit confused why it does not let me deploy it. There is no info about any package version conflict.

Here is the link to the GitHub repo:

Please help! thank you

So I found that this error was due to the fact, I had an environment.yml file that was conflicting with the requirements.txt (maybe?) so I removed the environment.yml file. But now the app is stuck in the oven for some time now.

It seems like Streamlit is downloading and downgrading to every single version of the cffi package.

There are two similar questions regarding this issue on this forum. Not sure but could there be an issue on the Streamlit server?