Errors Installing requirements

Just trying to getting my basic app running on Streamlit cloud but I keep getting Installment errors. I don’t know where to start debugging this.

The repo is here: GitHub - arhumzafar/credit_risk_analysis: Assessing the credit risk of borrowers looking for a loan.

  • Your requirements.txt file is completely messed up. This won’t work on streamlit cloud. Delete everything from this file, except those libraries you use in your app.
  • Remove tkinter and all other unused libraries from your app. I think you only have to import streamlit and pickle.

Thanks for your help. I also merged your PR. I’m now running the app and waiting for it as it “is in the oven”.

How long does it usually take to get the app running?

A few minutes, you can watch the progress in the console, should be running now.

Ok, I’ll keep waiting. Console is stuck at [manager] Updated app!.

It’s still “in the oven.”

If it still hangs after a few minutes, then do a “reboot”, sometimes the deployment on streamlit cloud hangs.