Experimental_connection issue

I really like experimental_connection, so I don’t have to use Snowpark session, but unfortunately, it’s not working for me. I have simple query, which successfully connects to the server, but the result fails on

SnowparkFetchDataException: (1406): Failed to fetch a Pandas Dataframe. The error is: to_pandas() did not return a Pandas DataFrame. If you use session.sql(…).to_pandas()

import streamlit as st

from snowflake.snowpark.session import Session

conn = st.experimental_connection("snowpark")

df = conn.query("select 1")


I’m using VSC, if it helps. The same approach works with Snowflake session.

Hi @OddJelly,

Thanks for posting!

Try adding to_pandas() in the df variable:

df = conn.query("select 1").to_pandas()

If that doesn’t work, can you please share a template of your secrets.toml file with the secrets masked?

Hi @tonykip,
thank you for helping!
Yes. I tried, unfortunately the same error.

Secret file:

# .streamlit_sec/secrets.toml


authenticator = "externalbrowser"
account = "***"
user = "***"
role = "***"
database = "PROD_COMEX_ML_DB"
schema = "PUBLISH"
warehouse = "CSS_ANALYTICS_WH"

Hi @OddJelly, could you share your pyarrow version?
I was unable to duplicate the issue with

Hi @mliu,
Forced update to pyarrow==10.0.1 worked!

Thank you very much!

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