Experimental_data_editor documentation


I’m trying to use a data_editor in Snowflake and while it worked before, it doesn’t appear to work for the past few weeks. I looked at the packages and it looks like the latest available package in Snowflake is 1.22 - but the data_editor was released in 1.23. I can only assume they backed out to an earlier version.
However, the experimental_data_editor seems to work, but it’s not quite as good as the regular data_editor and not everything the data_editor can do seems to work. I wanted to look up the documentation for 1.22 but the streamlit docs only resolve to the data_editor - the experimental_data_editor page seems to be gone. Is there a place where I can review the documentation for the experimental_data_editor? :slight_smile:

  • Streamlit version: 1.22
  • Python version: 3.9
  • Using Conda
  • OS version: Windows
  • Browser version: Firefox

Hey @James_Martin,
Thanks for sharing this question and apologies for the delayed response! We added this doc back – it’s available here