Favicon and title change during refresh

Hello I am currently building a chatbot but I encounter a small problem.
I have set the page config and set my own title and icon but whenever I refresh the page it shows the streamlit icon and title during the refresh.

Is there a way to fix this?
Here is my code:

import streamlit as st # type: ignore
from streamlit_feedback import streamlit_feedback # type: ignore
import uuid

    page_title="SICBERT | Siemens Chatbot",

st.title("SICBERT Siemens-Chatbot")

# Select Version dropdown
version = st.selectbox(label="Select your system version", options=["1", "2", "3"], index=None, placeholder="Select your system version", key="version", label_visibility="collapsed")

if 'question_state' not in st.session_state:
    st.session_state.question_state = False

if 'fbk' not in st.session_state:
    st.session_state.fbk = str(uuid.uuid4())

if "chat_history" not in st.session_state:
    st.session_state.chat_history = []

def display_answer():
    for entry in st.session_state.chat_history:
        with st.chat_message("human"):
        with st.chat_message("ai", avatar='/media/data/AI/workbench/streamlit-frontend/huber.png'):

        # Do not display the feedback field since
        # we are still about to ask the user.
        if 'feedback' not in entry:

        # If there is no feedback show N/A
        if "feedback" in entry:
            st.write(f"Feedback: {entry['feedback']}")
            st.write("Feedback: N/A")

def create_answer(question):
    """Add question/answer to history."""
    # Do not save to history if question is None.
    # We reach this because streamlit reruns to get the feedback.
    if question is None:
    message_id = len(st.session_state.chat_history)
        "question": question,
        "answer": f"{question}",
        "message_id": message_id,

def fbcb(response):
    # Create a new feedback by changing the key of feedback component.
    st.session_state.fbk = str(uuid.uuid4())

# Start message
if not st.session_state.question_state:
    with st.chat_message("ai", avatar='/media/data/AI/workbench/streamlit-frontend/huber.png'):
        st.write("Hello, how can I help you?")

# Starts here.
question = st.chat_input(placeholder="Chat with SICBERT!")
if question:
    # We need this because of feedback. That question above
    # is a stopper. If user hits the feedback button, streamlit
    # reruns the code from top and we cannot enter back because
    # of that chat_input.
    st.session_state.question_state = True

# We are now free because st.session_state.question_state is True.
# But there are consequences. We will have to handle
# the double runs of create_answer() and display_answer()
# just to get the user feedback. 
if st.session_state.question_state:
    # Pressing a button in feedback reruns the code.
        optional_text_label="Please, provide an explanation.",
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Hi @Leon1, I am too facing the same issue. I do not believe there is an easy fix for this unless you go directly into root folder of streamlit and edit the title/favicon there. This becomes more difficult to do when you use 3rd party hosting like Heroku, AWS, etc. I have been pushing for this to be a customizable feature that is easier to access like the .TOML file. I would recommend checking out this discussion https://discuss.streamlit.io/t/updating-title-description-of-app-in-google-search/61447/6