Page Title & Icon Flicker before Override

Hi there - there is a similar question here (Page title and page icon reset every time app refreshes) from more than a year ago.

With the st.set_page_config() (st.set_page_config - Streamlit Docs) call you can use the page_title argument to override the title in the browser tab as well as the page_icon which sets the favicon.

One thing I noticed is that it still will initially load and flicker the <stock favicon> - <app> - Streamlit. I’m wondering if there is a more direct/elegant way that avoids the flicker and just uses the title and icon defined in the set_page_config() call.


@marduk cc’ing you here as you also had the related thread (not sure if you found a solution).

Hi @kee ,

The only solution to this for now is “unofficial” (St.set_page_config does not directly display the website title I set?).