File size issues with st.file_uploader


I am having issues with using the st.file_uploader. After what seems to be about 10min of trying to upload a 20GB file I am presented with a Connection Timeout msg. The process bar of the file uploader will be “full”, but then it just sits there till it times out. I have had successes with files of up to 10GB, but running into issues with this 20GB file.

  • Is there some way to adjust this timeout?
  • Am I trying to upload to big of a file?

Streamlit version 1.27.2
OS: Ubuntu 22.04
Running on an EC2 instance.

It’s a common error when the size of the file is greater than 10GB, the issue arises.

You can check about the issue here.

Once try to increase the size limit to above 20000 and try.

Hope it will solve this issue.

I am not prompted by a “Value out of Range” though. Streamlit is just presenting me with a Connection Timeout after roughly 10min.

My config.toml is already setup with a very high max upload size.

maxUploadSize = 200000

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