How to upload large files using st.file_uploader

I am trying to upload a binary file of size 10gb using st.file_uploader , however, I get the following error message. In fact, I get the same error message pretty much when I am trying to upload any file above 2gb, i.e I didnโ€™t get this error message when I uploaded 1.2gb file.

I have set my file capacity to 10gb in config file.

As a matter of fact, the file loading shows as it should, then the file appears to be uploaded for a very short time (maybe a second), however, then the attachment disappears along with file_uploader widget itself, and the following message pops up.

Hi @serdar_bay :wave:

Thank you for creating this post! I think youโ€™ve run into a bug with st.file_uploader. I was able to reproduce the reported behavior and have submitted a bug report in the Streamlit repo. Please consider upvoting the issue on GitHub for it to be prioritized by our engineers :+1:

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Thanks @snehankekre for the update and reporting the bug in the repo!

Any update on this bug? I am hitting the same issue

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