File uploader widget 'time out'

Hello fellow Streamlit enthusiasts!

I have run into a problem with the file uploader widget which may or may not be a Streamlit issue.
The reason I am not confident it is a Streamlit issue, is that the problem only occurs when I deploy my application to AWS (tried ECS and EC2 thus far).

The problem:
When a user uploads a file (~20MB), it takes quite a long time - at least 30 seconds (not Streamlit related!) -, and while waiting for the upload to finish, about half the times the app ‘resets’ - i.e. the SessionState is reset and the page reruns.
I have not experienced this resetting phenomenom besides when using the file upload widget. It does not happen on localhost, but here the upload is also quite fast… So my guess is, that either it is a problem which occurs when the upload takes too long or it is related to some configuration I unknowingly have on AWS…

Any ideas how to resolve this?

Hi again,

I am pretty sure this has something to do with my AWS configuration, as I do not seem to experience the same problem when deploying to Heroku. I will stick with that for now.

And hi again…

It turns out that the problem still exists on Heroku, although it seems to occur less frequently… The application has plenty of available resources, and it only seems to happen when using the file-uploader widget.

Hey @PeterT :wave:,

Looks like you saw the release post for 0.57.0 and the updates to file-uploader. Mind letting us know if your issue persists after upgrading to 0.57.0?

Hey tc1!

Indeed I did. I have not experienced any issues yet :slight_smile: So great update. I will let you know if I run into the issue again. But it seems to be gone!

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Great to hear :heart: