Folium Map not rendering properly, OrderedDict mutated during iteration

Hi everyone !
I’m new to streamlit and I have difficulties using streamlit coupled with Folium to render an interactive map.
I think the issue is with the way I add the markers and the markerCluster into the map, from the ‘mark_card’ function, adding them in my main loop but I can’t seem to do it another way around.
I’m using static_folium because it make things even worst when I use st_folium, which clearly indicates I’m doing things wrong.
I’ve got error messages from time to time that indicates OrderedDict mutated during iteration
Here is the link to my deployed app (sometimes the map does not render properly):

And the link to my github:

Maybe I’m not supposed to embed everything into a class ? I don’t know and I’m kind of lost tbh

Let me know if you need me to provide a smaller version of the project with just the core of it.

Thanks a lot!