For the Formula 1 fans

Hey guys, it has been a long time since I followed the recent updates, so I thought, what better way to explore these new features than to create an app!. Parallelly, I recently got into the world of Formula One. I was curious if I could find related data online, which is when I came across this amazing library called Fast F1. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks of my free time developing this application—significantly focusing on the aesthetics and how I organize the information. The new features like the Experimental_Singleton came in handy. Creating such great-looking apps with simple code with no complexity feels terrific. Here is the Application - Link, I’ll be happy to hear any kind of feedback and suggestions.




I am formula one fan myself and I happy to learn about this Fast F1 module.

I am also developing an app on Formula 1 (a trivia game · Streamlit ( But unfortunately is in Portuguese only.

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