After 1 year of development with Streamlit, finally my app is live!

I started coding this app for my company in May 2022 and now it’s ready to go live.

I used Streamlit since the beginning. Now, I used it as a base for the entire app. It was so easy to start with and, surprisingly, after 1 year it becomes easier as I getting good with this framework!

You can find the app here:
(login with and password “test”)

If you want to ask me anything, I’ll be happy to answer :smile:


Hi @Mortafix

Big kudos to you! I am really impressed at the heavy customization of your app, it is truly amazing! It’s the best I’ve seen! Would you be interested in open sourcing the app and sharing with the community?

Best regards,

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Thanks @dataprofessor!

I was afraid the community didn’t like that due to the heavly customization… But I used Streamlit as a framework to build the app on top of that.
I used a lot Flask to do this kind of project, but I have to say that I LOVE how easy Streamlit is with everything, and this app is the demostration that you can build literally anything with Streamlit!

Unfortunately, I can’t share the full project as open source (company policy), but I can share piece of code if you’re interesting!
Otherwise, if you really want to know how it’s built and the principles, I can build a simpler app with the same modular structure I coded.

Happy to share this experience with the community :people_hugging:

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For those who are interested, I have published the base project at :wink:


Amazing work, Mortafix!! I am super impressed with that app. I never have seen it before. Congrats.

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Many thanks @rotrigoh! :pray:

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