Free Streamlit Dev Environment through Colaboratory

Hello everyone! I was told to post this here because some might find it interesting. Colaboratory is a free-to-use Jupyter Notebook environment and hosted run-time provided by Google. While it is fairly restrictive out of the box in terms of port access I found a clever way to develop and run Streamlit apps using ngrok as a tunnel to the Streamlit TCP port. Enjoy!


Wait you mean Streamlit on free Colab TPU ?

:money_mouth_face: Definitely need to test that, huge thanks for the tip !

NB : oh and welcome to the forums @tuffacton :slight_smile:

i try to run it but got this error message in ngrox Failed to complete tunnel connection The error encountered was: connect: connection refused**"

Hi Sinta, are you modifying any code? I just ran a fresh notebook from the gist and it seems to be working for me. Are you willing to share your notebook?

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