"ERR: Too Many Connections" - Issue w. app on a GPU enabled Colab + Ngrok

Hi guys,

I’m trying to run a Streamlit app on a GPU enabled Colab and Ngrok. It sometimes works yet it’s pretty temperamental, thus not really something I’d share with the world! :slightly_smiling_face:

The error is:


Maybe there’s something wrong with my Colab/Py file set up, I’m happy to share the notebook here, if needs be :slight_smile:

Note: Ngrok also offer paid plans with more allowance:


Hi @Charly_Wargnier!! I 've faced this same problem before, and I’m interested in a solution too. Could you please share the notebook??

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Sure. Not in a great shape atm, yet I’ll aim to tidy it up shortly for you :slight_smile:

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