Streamlit not working with colab

Error not displaying url with local tunnel or ngix on coolab

Hi @Sanidhya_Srivastava1, and welcome back to our forums!

When deploying Streamlit apps on Colab, I can recommend ngrok. Have you tried that option?


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I done by pyngrok
And local tunnel too still

Previously pynrok work but now both method donโ€™t give output url

Thanks, @Sanidhya_Srivastava1

When you say โ€˜Previously, Pyngrok worked,โ€™ what do you mean exactly? Do you mean it was working with a previous Streamlit version?


Actually now working fine .I think it issue with collab runtime environment that occur sometime.

Iuad one more question can streamlit provide more ram and gpu to developers on subscription basis.

Thank you so much for your precious time.

Glad to hear that!

We might offer more RAM (but no GPU as this is not something we offer on Community Cloud) depending on your use case.

Feel free to DM me to discuss the details. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes,

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