Github organization streamlit sharing fail

I’m having trouble with the streamlit share of github organization.
Personal projects are working fine in streamlit share, I need to make the project in organization work in streamlit share, but I’m unable to solve it, so I’m asking for help.
Currently, GitHub organization has permission to process functions such as modification of code, commit, push, etc. When I do new app on streamlit share dashboard, I only see private projects and I don’t see organization projects, what more can I try?Should I be the owner of the organization?
I’d appreciate your help.

From your admin panel (, look in the upper right hand corner. There you can select between your private workspace and the workspace of any organization you belong to by clicking on your profile photo and name. In order to deploy an app from an organization’s repository:

  1. The organization must have granted Streamlit the necessary access (contact the org owner if it’s not already fully authorized).
  2. You need the appropriate access within the organization to the repository.
  3. You need to switch to that organization’s workspace in the admin panel to deploy it.


Thank you for confirming.
As you said, I checked the profile in the right corner, but I don’t see anything related to the organization, but only my personal GitHub account.
The level of the GitHub organization consists of two types: the owner and the member, and I am currently a member.
As I said above, even though my current GitHub organization has permission to handle functions like code modification, commit, push, etc., is this happening now because I don’t have permission to streamlit share?

You will need the organization owner to give the necessary permissions for Streamlit Sharing to access the organization. It’s not a matter of what permissions you have within the organization/repository so much as that Streamlit Sharing needs access to the organization as a whole (which is what I meant in point 1 about contacting your organization owner). Once that level of permission is granted, you as a member should be able to see the organization in the upper right hand corner and deploy apps.

From the docs: Troubleshooting - Streamlit Docs

Why does Streamlit require additional OAuth scope?

In order to deploy your app, Streamlit requires access to your app’s source code in GitHub and also the ability to manage the public keys associated with the repositories. The default GitHub OAuth scopes are sufficient to work with apps in public GitHub repositories. However, in order to work with apps in private GitHub repositories, Streamlit requires the additional repo OAuth scope from GitHub. We recognize that this scope provides Streamlit with extra permissions that we do not really need, and which, as people who prize security, we’d rather not even be granted. Alas, we need to work with the APIs we are provided by GitHub.

How do I give streamlit access to my Github organisation?

When I connected my personal account the connection was automatically created and an SSH key added to my account. When I try to add a public repo I just get the error shown below but I only have one workspace available in the top right options.

Wrong workspace! You are in the workspace eddyplural but are trying to deploy an app from pluralai. Please switch workspaces in the top right.

See the post linked below for how to grant access to an organization:

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Great thanks

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