Has anyone successfully deployed Prophet or NeuralProphet Deployment to Streamlit Cloud?

I am trying to deploy either FB Prophet or FB NeuralProphet to the Streamlit Cloud. I have been trying with NeuralProphet because it appears to have fewer problematic dependencies. I tried both just specifying the package in the requirements.txt file:


That blew up. So then I tried specifying all the dependencies in the order they install when you pip install neuralprophet. That also blew up. Any ideas??

I was able to deploy NeuralProphet. I imported it without a version number and that seemed to work.

I still can’t get fbprophet to load, which is frustrating. But I always have issues installing the pystan packages locally.

If anyone knows any easier packages to use on Streamlit Cloud for forecasting sales from a timeseries, I am all ears! I just like fbprophet’s automatic hyperparameter adjustments.

Hi, you should try to pip install prophet==1.1.1 (and not fbprophet) to avoid pystan issues.

I have deployed it on this app:


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