Installing package - Matplotlib, Seaborn, FB prophet

Hi - wondering if anyone is having any luck with installing packages. Or if there is a indepth step-by-step overview on how to do this, given how vital it is. I tried to upload the requirements.txt into Github, and it still isn’t working. What exactly should this file look like?

I find it hard to believe that there can’t just be dependencies pre-installed on the cloud, such as seaborn or FBprophet or Matplotlib, since they are used by practically everyone. There should be a place where we can install it on our cloud, and it’s just there like our local machines.

I have been lucky so far. I was able to install matplotlib, seaborn and the package formerly known as fbprophet in Streamlit Cloud by putting this in requirements.txt:

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Did some further code review, found a bug, and figured it out. Thank!