Here's What I Made and Thank you

Hey Developers, right from the moment I learned about streamlit until now I absolutely loved every moment of implementing it. I created this Web Application (Covid19-App) from scratch using Streamlit flawlessly without any hassle at all. I just wanted to thank you for creating this amazing framework and this awesome community that I’m glad to be part of.


Hey @R0han, thanks for the compliment! We’re thrilled that you are finding Streamlit so useful to work with, and we hope to continue delighting you in the future :slight_smile:


Thank you @randyzwitch, I believe in this community to do wonders.[Update] coming to the application, which I initially deployed on Heroku -this, though it was working I was worried about the latency issue. But Today, Like a charm, @tc1 introduced me to s4a asked me to test it out, and turns out it’s way better than what I experienced on Heroku, The workflow of the application now is more fluid, very responsive - here. I couldn’t be more thankful to you guys.


That’s one of the nicest examples I’ve seen. Great job!