New Streamlit Release: 0.51.0

I’m posting this a couple of days late — sorry! This was mostly a bugfix release, since we’re super busy working on some larger features that will land very very soon. So stay tuned!


  • :dog2: You can now tweak the behavior of the file watcher with the config option server.fileWatcherType. Use it to switch between:
    • auto (default) : Streamlit will attempt to use the watchdog module, and
      falls back to polling if watchdog is not available.
    • watchdog : Force Streamlit to use the watchdog module.
    • poll : Force Streamlit to always use polling.
    • none : Streamlit will not watch files.

Notable bug fixes:

  • Fix the “keyPrefix” option in static snapshot sharing #724
  • Add support for getColorX and getTargetColorX to DeckGL Chart #718
  • Fix Tornado on Windows + Python 3.8 #682
  • Fall back on webbrowser if xdg-open is not installed on Linux #701
  • Fix number input spin buttons for Firefox #683
  • Fix CTRL+ENTER on Windows #699
  • Do not automatically create credential file when in headless mode #467