How can I resolve ‘Unable to find at branch “”.’ error?

Hi, I’m trying to deploy an app from a private repository owned by a team on GitHub, but I’m encountering an error message that says ‘Unable to find at branch “”.’
On the user selection tab in the upper right corner of the screen, only my username is displayed, and the team is not listed as a user. Since I’m neither the owner nor a maintainer of the repository, I requested the owner to handle the issue. However, he also faced the same situation and couldn’t deploy. How can I resolve the error and proceed with the deployment?

Hi @Kazuki_Takahashi,

Thanks for sharing this question!

If the app is owned by a GitHub organization, an admin of the GitHub organization will need to grant Streamlit Community Cloud access to the organization in order for the app to be deployed (here’s a doc with instructions on how to do this).