How to calculate expected resource usage for Streamlit Cloud (1gb)

Hi there, I am working on a financial dashboarding app that uses modules like tweepy, pandas-ta, yfinance, and plotly to pull in data and display a dozen or so charts & dataframes. I am unsure how to calculate/estimate how many “resources” this app will consume specifically in reference to the 1GB allotted for the Starter plan on Streamlit Cloud. If multiple people are accessing this dashboard at the same time, does resource consumption compound or is this 1GB per user accessing the dashboard?

A separate question that is still related to Streamlit Cloud is understanding how many users can access a private app simultaneously? This app is intended as a custom tool for a small discord server of 50 people but I wasn’t sure if “Workspace Users” is the same as a regular dashboard user.

Thank you for your time, any help is much appreciated.