How to deploy streamlit app in snowflake as snowflake object

I am trying to pull one table data from snowflake and want to expose it through data editor feature of streamlit in UI. It is working in my local environment.
I have below files in my repo.
pages/–> This file just contains info about my project
params–>parameters required to connect to snowflake–>This file is in pages folder. This file contains code to connect to snowflake and pull the data from snowflake table and show it in the UI where we can perform update/insert operation and push the changes to snowflake

I want to know how we need to deploy this app in snowflake. In which way I need to push files to internal stage of snowflake. Also how to parameterize snowflake credentials in

Hey @Ameerulla_Shaik,

Sorry for the late response on this. This doc walks you through the process of uploading your Python files to Snowflake to deploy your Streamlit app.

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