How to disable one type of buttons(inc/decr) at st.number_input?

Hello there
I am using st.number_input widget for the first time and I can’t find a way how to keep only one pair of increment/decrement buttons, I looked at the API docs but I didn’t find any parameters for that.

So, instead of having both arrows and +/- icon, it is possible to have only one of them?

Hi @esyka and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Looks like you found a bug. Thanks for letting us know :blush:! Can you confirm what web browser you’re using?

I tried reproducing this on Chrome and Safari and it didn’t reproduce. If possible, could you test on one of those browsers to see if it occurs again?

Also, I created a new issue in github, so you can add more info and/or follow.

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My web browser:

  • Firefox 70.0(64-bit)
  • Manjaro Linux

I tested it on Chrome, I cannot reproduce it there.

Hey @esyka,

Wanted to give a quick update that as of the 0.51.0 release this issue should be resolved. Thanks for bringing it to our attention :heart: and feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

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